Democrats Gear Up for Gorsuch Hearing

Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill

Gorsuch confirmation hearing begins today (PBS).  From another story:  While Democratic leaders have revived their public criticism of Neil Gorsuch in recent days, liberal advocacy groups have all but abandoned efforts to defeat his nomination through public opinion — with scant paid issue advertising or public rallies (Fox News). ...

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Media Help Tear Down AHCA


From Ari Fleisher: Why are some press saying Ryan is trying to “ram” health bill through the House? It’s going through 4 committees. Worst “ram” I’ve ever seen (Twitter).  Some are offering an amendment to the current plan “focused on repealing Obamacare and bringing down the cost of premiums”...

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Rove: GOP Must Pass This AHCA Bill

From Karl Rove:  Yes, passing the bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare will cause political problems—but not doing so will create far bigger ones. Failure would demonstrate that Republicans don’t keep their promises and can’t govern. It would gravely wound the new administration (WSJ).  From Daniel Henninger: …if health-care...

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Lanhee Chen: A Choice

Liberals and many voices in elite media have touted the recent Congressional Budget Office analysis of the House Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare as a reason to oppose it. But let’s be clear: The CBO estimates show that the legislation is fundamentally conservative. And while it’s not perfect,...

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Albert Mohler: The Supreme Court Says, “No

Schumer's Deceit

Sometimes history is made in just one sentence. That was the case when the United States Supreme Court handed down a one-sentence statement saying that it will not hear the case concerning the big question of transgender rights, specifically the rights of transgender students in the public schools. When the...

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Hugh Hewitt: Republicans Keep Their Promise

Republicans are keeping their promise to American voters. They have introduced the American Health Care Act. There are three main components of the AHCA that you should know about: • First, it repeals every single one of the taxes in Obamacare. The individual mandate and medical device tax are both...

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Greg Thornbury: Erosion Of Free Speech on Campus

Greg Thornbury on WikiLeaks

When social scientist Charles Murray spoke recently at Middlebury College, a crowd of unruly and angry students roared in protest until he was forced to flee the stage. They were protesting a more than 20 year old book called the “Bell Curve” which included statistics on IQ and racial and...

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Media Push Obamacare with Cluster of Stories

Including one that claims repeal and replace will hurt sports.  But when you read the story, it’s just a Democrat with an Obamacare talking point:  “If I had a child, and I was not fully insured, that child would not be playing any sport at all because I’d be way...

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Lanhee Chen: Repeal Begins

For almost seven years, Republicans have worked to repeal and replace Obamacare. Now, with the GOP in control of both house of Congress and the White House, the time has come for action. This week, House leaders introduced legislation that will repeal some of the worst parts of Obamacare: its...

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