Medved: Putting Gun Deaths in Context

Michael Medved Photo 5-21-13 200

Liberal voices in politics and media react to well-publicized murders by blaming firearms and arguing that gun control could reduce rates of violence. But they never put gun deaths in context, or acknowledge that murder rates have been going down, not up—cut in half over 30 years. Moreover, much of...

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Trump Runs Afoul of GOP Orthodoxy on Taxes

Trump 2

Byron York on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America argues that The Donald has tapped into the anti-establishment feeling and exudes leadership qualities that attract a whole lot of people. This puts Trump at the top of the polls and allows him to take positions that the Republican Party has not...

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Sheriff Blames Killing of Officer on National Backlash

black lives matter 200

Sheriff Ron Hickman said at a press conference Saturday “When rhetoric ramps up to the point where cold-blooded assassination has happened, this rhetoric has gotten out of control. We heard ‘black lives matter.’ All lives matter. Well, cops’ lives matter too, so why don’t we drop the qualifier and say...

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Thornbury: The X-Factor in the 2016 Contest


As we look towards the 2016 Presidential election, a recent Quinnipiac poll released yielded some surprising results: If Vice President Biden was the Democratic candidate, he would beat Donald Trump by eight points, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush by six points and Senator Marco Rubio by three points. In head-to-head...

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