Medved: Some Fights Aren’t Worth Having 7-27-15

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Americans who admire Donald Trump say they like the fact that he’s a “fighter” but they ought to realize that some fights aren’t worth having. Why, for instance, get involved in a major brawl with John McCain? The Arizona Senator is one of the few prominent Republicans, it seems, who...

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GOP’s Sweet…And Sour, 16 [7-25-15]

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Michael Medved looks at Gov. Kasich’s announcement as a GOP presidential contender. Medved and Karl Rove on the field of GOP candidates. Bill Bennett and Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Missouri) on the latest Planned Parenthood evil. Bennett and Bing West on PM David Cameron’s recent speech on terrorism. Dennis Prager and...

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Thornbury: Scalia Is Unfit To Serve 7-23-15

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is unfit to serve and must be removed from serving henceforth on the nation’s highest court. That’s according to Jeffrey Tayler, writing recently for So why is it that the conservative Justice Scalia must be removed? Tayler argues that he suffers from an acute...

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Davenport: America Enters the Post-Christian Era 7-22-15

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Although it has been building for a while—with polls showing fewer people believe in God or attend church—mark Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Supreme Court decision about same-sex marriage as the beginning of the post-Christian era in America. The decision was an amazing turn against the core beliefs and practices of conservative...

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