Is Saying “American” Now A Problem on Campus?

David Davenport 200

A faculty and student committee at the University of New Hampshire has published a “Bias Free Language Guide” and boy (oops I can’t say that), is it a doozy! “American” is a problematic word there now, along with mothering, fathering, illegal alien, older people, rich person and poor person.  As...

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Black Mother Calls Out Black Lives Matter

black lives matter 200

Dennis Prager praised the “moral clarity” of Peggy Hubbard about the Black Lives Matter movement. A nine-year old girl was killed in a drive by shooting in her own home in Ferguson and instead the Black Lives Matter activists protested the death of a “thug” who pulled a gun on...

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Mohler: Colorado Court Makes a Clear Choice

albertmohler_hires8 200

A state appeals court in Colorado has now ruled that a baker could not cite religious beliefs in refusing to make wedding cakes for celebrations commemorating same-sex marriages. Erik Eckholm, reporting for the New York Times, wrote that, “The panel also rejected the argument that selling a cake to a...

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