Dan Proft: Democrats Clarify Their Sense of Justice

Something emerged from the recent Kavanaugh hearings which makes conservatives grateful. The conduct of the Democrats added clarity to voters.

For example: We now know the Left’s definition of “being mean.” It’s not mean to berate conservatives in restaurants, in front of elevators and in other public places. And it’s not mean to call a conservative judge a rapist without basis and to lampoon his pre-adolescent child in a political cartoon.

On the other hand, it is very mean to have questions about the credibility of a woman who has made a charge without corroboration.

We now also know the Left’s definition of justice: A conservative, male judge may not defend himself against unprovable allegations that will ruin his career, family and reputation.

And: Only liberal justices may make partisan statements and maintain their impartiality.


Americans have been given an eye-opener as the November 6th election approaches.

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An Advocate for Religious Liberty for Missouri

Voters in Missouri have a critical choice before them this November when they consider who to send to the United States Senate.

On the one hand, there’s incumbent liberal Senator Claire McCaskill.  She’s obstructed President Trump’s agenda by voting against tax cuts, against the judges he’s nominated and against efforts to make health care more affordable by repealing Obamacare.

And then there’s the GOP challenger: Missouri’s Attorney General, Josh Hawley. He’s fought for religious liberty and constitutional conservatism.  He supports pro-growth economic policies that will create jobs in Missouri.  And he wants to bring down health care costs while ensuring that the vulnerable have access to the care they need. Hawley is the right man for the job.

In Missouri and across the country, voters face important choices that will profoundly impact our future success.  On November 6, don’t forget to make your voice heard.

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Katie Pavlich: The Big Issues Surrounding the 2018 Election

The first big electoral test for President Donald Trump will take place on November 6.

A quick look at history would indicate Republicans should lose seats in the House and possibly in the Senate. But—just as President Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office has bucked the status quo—independent and conservative voters must do the same in the 2018-midterm elections.

This election isn’t simply about Republicans vs. Democrats. It’s much bigger than that: It really is about right and wrong. It’s about free markets vs. socialism; due process vs. mob rule; civility vs. violence.

As election day inches closer, Democrats have proven time and again that their vicious behavior should not be rewarded with power. Not with a single seat.

Independent and conservative voters must hold the line on Election Day in order to ensure a safe and prosperous future.

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Countdown to Election Day

Townhall Review – October 20, 2018

With the midterm elections bearing down on us, Larry Elder and James O’Keefe, look at the Missouri Senate race. Hurricane Michael took a direct hit at Tyndall Air Force Base and damaged many of the Air Force’s elite and expensive F-22 fighter jets. Hugh Hewitt talks with Congressman Mike Gallagher about the impact. Larry Elder looks at the media’s tendency to try to paint President Trump as a racist by twisting the President’s comments. Hugh Hewitt and David Kirkpatrick, of the New York Times, examine the disappearance and probable murder of a Saudi dissident journalist. Dennis Prager talks with Lisa Daftari about Rutger’s invitation, then dis-invitation, to speak at her Alma Mater because a handful of students were “uncomfortable.” Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, talks with Hugh Hewitt about his book Capitalism in America. Michael Medved and Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel, David Cortman, look at the ADF’s role in defending fired Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran.

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Losing Her Million Dollar Bet

Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to affirm her Native American identity and to collect a million dollars in the process: President Trump in a rally promised to pay that much if DNA tests could prove that she’s an Indian.

She cites tests indicating her genetic Indian ancestry is as much as 1 in 64, or as little as 1 in 1,024. No: no recognized tribe in America would accept a single great-great-great-great grandfather as proof.

Worst of all, Warren’s insistence on the “one drop of blood” standard is inherently racist; what does DNA mean without history of cultural affinity or communal participation?

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