Dennis Prager: A Win for Political Tolerance

On Wednesday night last week I had the privilege of serving as guest conductor of Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. It was particularly sweet because of the efforts by many who worked against me. Members of the orchestra and Santa Monica political...

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Michael Medved: The Overhyped “Dangerous Divisions”

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Following the horrible events in Charlottesville, Virginia, the public seems deeply alarmed at the deep and dangerous divisions in the country. But what are the substantive issues that actually divide the country? When it comes to hate festivals staged by neo-Nazis and the KKK, there is virtually no disagreement: nearly...

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Charlottesville Puts the Spotlight on Neo-Nazi Hate

media, Gorsuch, Trump chooses General H.R. McMaster for NSA chief

Townhall Review–August 19, 2017. Hugh Hewitt invites Politico’s Jake Sherman to review President Trump’s comments following the Charlottesville, Virginia demonstration. While on the Mike Gallagher show, Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire scolded president Trump’s remarks. Gallagher also interviews Rich Lowry, of the National Review, on his article criticizing the...

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Media Use of SPLC a Blight on Credibility

“Fake News” is a dirty word in the media.  The ultimate insult. The hope, in many media ranks, is it will someday be relegated to the word prison reserved for insults so awful, you can’t say them out loud in any company. The kind that even Rolling Stone refuses to...

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North Korea Lobs Another Threat at US

Saying only “absolute force” will work on Trump (ABC News). From another story: After President Donald Trump shocked his national security team with his off-the-cuff fire-and-fury remarks about North Korea on Tuesday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is trying to walk back his boss’s comments—without saying Trump was off base. “What the...

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It’s Time to Focus on the North Korean Madman

White House, Obamacare, shooting, Paris Climate Agreement

Townhall Review–August 12, 2017. Hugh Hewitt speaks with Congressman Mike Gallagher, a former Marine and a member of the House and Armed Services Committee about the direct threat N Korea posses against the U.S air base in Guam. Hewitt also interviews Robert Costa, reporter for the Washington Post, about President’s...

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Death of Charlie Gard is Tragically Revealing

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There are still very important lessons to learn from the life and death of little Charlie Gard. Over the course of the last several weeks, no story has been as important as the tragedy of this little baby in the United Kingdom with a rare mitochondrial disease. His story first...

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