Elder: Hillary Lies, Cops Die

larry elder

Nearly ten years ago voices of the left were chanting, “Bush Lied, People Died.” They blamed then-President Bush for the Iraq invasion, despite the fact it was approved by Congress on ample evidence that the Iraqi leadership was plotting terror. No matter.  The left believes that if you say something...

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Gallagher: Remember The Life Issue

Mike Gallagher Headshot HR 1-5-12 200

Remember when the issue of life mattered to conservatives? Intensely passionate issues like — •    parental consent for minors having abortions •    federal funding for abortion •    the horrors of partial birth abortion Those were things we cared deeply about – enough to even get arrested over. The volatile, tawdry...

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Proft: Your Choice, America

Dan Proft

In the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, millions of Americans confused the use of artful language with intelligent policy judgment. The results: •  Well over 400,000 dead in Syria and a refugee crisis in the aftermath. •  Four dead Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador, in Benghazi. •  An Islamist terrorist...

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Chen: Pay Careful Attention to the Senate


With the intense focus on this year’s presidential election, it’s easy to overlook some very important races for other offices around the country. In particular, voters should pay careful attention to elections for the United States Senate.  The Senate plays an important role in our system of government—for example, it...

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Prager: Hillary: a Role Model for Young Girls?

Dennis Prager 2013 200

An oft-heard claim made by Hillary Clinton supporters is that she would be a terrific role model for young girls as president.  They say, “Then, my daughter will know she can aspire to virtually anything.” So goes the argument. If the polls are accurate concerning the lopsided female support for...

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Elder: Obama Needs Hillary to “Preserve His Legacy”?


It’s an article of faith that President Obama needs a Hillary Clinton win to “preserve his legacy.” And what legacy is that? His crowning achievement is, of course, Obamacare touted as better, cheaper, health insurance. As we now know, households are struggling under higher co-payments, higher deductibles and higher premiums....

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WikiLeaks Emails Continue: Among Them, Big Insults to Sanders’ Supporters and Catholics


From the story:  Newly released emails show former Democratic Party officials offering Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign detailed advice on how to trick “self-righteous” supporters of Sen. Bernard Sanders into thinking they won concessions from the party establishment (Washington Times).  The Clinton camp also mocked Catholics and evangelicals (Life News).  From...

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Medved: Sitting Out the Election: A Disastrous Mistake

Michael Medved Photo 5-21-13 200

Faced with a choice between two presidential candidates with high disapproval ratings, conservatives must resist the temptation to sit home and sulk in this election. Low GOP turnout could bring disastrous consequences for worthy Republican candidates struggling to maintain majorities in the Senate and House. The loss of just four...

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