Davenport: Big Government Solutions Don’t Deliver

David Davenport 200

California has provided for us yet another case study in the never-ending saga that big government solutions rarely work. A billionaire bankrolled a California proposition in 2012 called the “California Clean Energy Jobs Act.”  Oh, it was going be great—promising job creation, improving public schools and combating climate change. Three...

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Police Departments See Recruiting Shortage


From the story: “I saw all this anti-cop propaganda and I was like, ‘Who needs this?’” said Antonio, a New Yorker who asked that only his first name be used. The 32-year-old had applied and been accepted into the NYPD academy, but withdrew his candidacy amid the cop-bashing climate sweeping...

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Medved: Winning with a “Young Underdog”

Michael Medved Photo 5-21-13 200

If Republicans hope to win the White House in 2016 they should consider the success enjoyed by Democrats in winning four of the last six presidential elections. In each of those winning races, the Democrats nominated candidates – Bill Clinton and Barack Obama – who might be described as “young...

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Religion Is Not A Democracy

Pope Francis 200

The head of Catholics for Choice said that Pope Francis still isn’t “in touch with what women want.” Dennis Prager points out that what people want has absolutely nothing to do with religion. “We don’t vote in the 10 Commandments.” Join Dennis Prager’s premium content website at Pragertopia.com.

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