Medved: GOP Ticket Needs a Woman: Which One? 6-19-16

For two reasons, Republicans must select a female nominee for Vice President. First, because a woman can play the attack-dog role against Hillary without backlash about sexism and, second, because the GOP must win a decisive majority of white females for any chance of victory.

But which female leaders to consider? Kelly Ayotte is youthful and charismatic, but is busy this year defending her crucial Senate seat in New Hampshire. Governor Nikki Haley is also dynamic, but deeply controversial at home in South Carolina. Carly Fiorina has gathered some momentum running for president but her mixed record as a corporate CEO offers Democrats a juicy target. Susana Martinez, popular governor of New Mexico, has strong blue-collar appeal but if the presidential nominee is also Hispanic—Rubio or Cruz—her nomination becomes problematic.

This leaves one obvious, overwhelmingly favorable choice: former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. No other possibility, female or male, offers comparable advantages.

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