Medved: How Rice As Running Mate Could Power Victory 6-23-15

Imagine Republicans running against Hillary with the slogan: “Not your grandmother’s GOP.” If they choose a young leader, Scott Walker or Marco Rubio for president, and Condoleezza Rice for Vice President, that slogan emphasizes that tired charges of Republican racism no longer work. It also emphasizes the GOP youthfulness advantage: the grandmother in the race is Hillary. And Dr. Rice as VEEP candidate invites a direct contrast between two female secretaries of state.

Rice ran State when the bold Iraq surge turned around a failing war, while Hillary presided over the ill-considered withdrawal from Iraq that spawned ISIS. No personal story captures the American dream better than Dr. Rice’s: in the segregated South, she was childhood friends with victims of the Birmingham Church bombing. She’s not only a brilliant scholar, but a world-class ice skater and classical pianist—as well as a die-hard pro-football fanatic. Her presence could help power the Republican ticket to sweeping victory.

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