Thornbury: Scalia Is Unfit To Serve 7-23-15

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is unfit to serve and must be removed from serving henceforth on the nation’s highest court. That’s according to Jeffrey Tayler, writing recently for So why is it that the conservative Justice Scalia must be removed? Tayler argues that he suffers from an acute case of “Faith Derangement Syndrome”—or FDS—and therefore “cannot be relied upon to adjudicate without prejudice.”

It’s the biting sort of satire we don’t see too much of these days … and it’s not particularly good. But it is revealing. It reveals how activists and cultural elites will treat people of people of faith if the social revolution we’re witnessing reaches as far they’d like. So what specific belief, you might be asking, does Scalia hold that makes him so odious?

Justice Scalia is a Catholic who believes in heaven and hell. If that sort of faith makes a man (or a woman) unfit to serve, the future of First-Amendment-protected-religious liberty—and the future of the nation itself—looks grim indeed.

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