Hewitt: Assessing Jeb 7-14-15

In my new book “The Queen,” I write brutally frank assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the potential GOP nominees.  In this and future radio commentaries, I’ll summarize some of my key points, beginning today with the man Irish book makers—people who chart real odds and take real money risk on being right—say is the GOP front runner: former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

His strengths are obvious: He was a tremendously successful governor of a big state. He’s deeply conservative, a successful vote getter and he’s fluent in Spanish. But he’s burdened by his advocacy of Common Core which has become a killer for the base.

Jeb is a gifted and large-hearted conservative. The party will be well served if it keeps an open mind about all of the would-be nominees—but especially about the one they are most likely to dismiss on the basis of cliché and conventional wisdom.

Jeb needs to get out there on talk radio and persuade the conservative faithful that the man who ran Florida is the man they want at 1600 to begin to clean up the mess left behind by President Obama.

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