Hewitt: Desperately Dangerous Appeasement 7-21-15

The announcement of a so-called deal with Iran is in fact the opening of the curtain on a new and desperately dangerous phase of the appeasement policies of President Obama and Hillary Clinton which have marked the last six-plus years of American foreign policy. This latest episode is truly the most dangerous and reckless act of appeasement yet, guaranteeing as it does a path to a nuclear weapon for the fanatical regime in Tehran in (at most) a dozen years, and that is if the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism honors every detail of the 100-plus pages of small print

We cannot condense into one minute the terrible flaws in this capitulation but it will start a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and threatens the very existence of Israel. Hopefully the Congress will reject this disaster.  If it doesn’t the next president must surely repudiate it on day one and repair our relationship with Israel even as he or she works to change the terrible regime in Iran.

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