Hewitt: Prepare Now 7-13-15

No sooner had the Supreme Court issued its gay marriage decision that voices began calling for the end of tax-exempt status for churches, colleges and other organizations that hold to a Judeo-Christian view of sexual morality.

There is a new law in the land, but not a new morality, and the issue is whether holding to this traditional morality will soon be the equivalent of holding racist views in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service and thus cause of losing tax exempt status.  We hope not; we pray not; and we urge proponents of the decision last month to step up and say no, this is not what we sought.

In the meantime we urge all churches, para-churches, and not-for-profits with morality as a central tenet of their being to contact the Alliance Defending Freedom to learn what they ought to do to prepare for the challenges that are now very clearly in front of us. It is time to prepare now, not after the attack on tax exempt status has occurred.

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