Medved: Avoid The Anger Trap 8-6-15

As Republican candidates prepare for their first televised debate, they should avoid the temptations of anger and negativity. It’s true that rage merchants can grab headlines and make temporary gains in the polls – and it’s also true that the angriest candidate, Donald Trump, is the current frontrunner.

But in November, the people won’t elect someone just to express their wrath—they will choose instead a candidate who credibly offers to make things better. There’s no candidate in history who ever won the presidency based on rage.

Certainly, after seven years of Obama’s misrule there are reasons for frustration, even despair, and at a time when two-thirds think we’re on the wrong track, indignation is appropriate. But the best response is pointing to the right track, not simply hollering about the wretched state of things. Successful politicians have embraced the title “Happy Warrior”; a grumpy warrior can get headlines, but won’t win national elections.

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