Mohler: A Pop Culture Revolution

The moral revolution that we are witnessing today on issues of human sexuality and gender is driven by changes that have taken place in the popular culture and the popular culture is doing its very best to try to signal the direction this moral revolution is to go.

A recent opinion piece by Charles M. Blow of the New York Times illustrates my point. He cites the artist Miley Cyrus who recently said, “I’m very open about it—I’m pansexual.”

Basically, this means that she is open to virtually anything with anyone … so long as adult consent is granted.

About this, Charles Blow writes:

“There was something about the casual, carefree-ness of the statements that I found both charming and revolutionary. It took a happy-go-lucky sledgehammer to the must-fit-a-box binary that constrains and restricts our understanding of the complexity of human sexuality.”

Here you have one of the more influential columnists in the New York Times arguing that popular culture in general, and Miley Cyrus in particular, have been responsible for moving the meter when it comes to understandings of human sexuality and of gender identity.

The tragic truth is, he’s probably right.

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