Thornbury: Republican Hopefuls Should Be Listening

As we look towards the 2016 Presidential election, a recent Quinnipiac poll released yielded some surprising results:

If Vice President Biden was the Democratic candidate, he would beat Donald Trump by eight points, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush by six points and Senator Marco Rubio by three points.

In head-to-head matchups, the current vice president does much better than Hillary.

For months, all of the analysis has been on Clinton. She is, after all, the presumptive nominee of pundits. But what matters is the opinion of the American people.

And why’s Biden popular? This poll suggests something that has nothing to do with politics. “He’s likable,” or so they say.

Conservatives do a great job of discussing their ideas and convictions. But as crucial as those virtues are, there’s an X-factor that we sometimes miss. People subconsciously ask:

“Do I want to see this person on my television for the next four years?”

Or, stated differently, “Do I like this person?”

The Republican hopefuls should be listening.

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