Missouri President Resigns, Protest Becomes Controversial

More on the resignation (USA Today). The protestors have other demands (ABC News). School officials were part of a rather hostile group. From the story: One school administrator, identified as Janna Basler, the school’s director of Greek life and leadership, is seen on the video confronting Tai. When he asks her name, Basler says, “I am Concerned Student 1950,” a reference to the name of the African-American group leading the protests.  Near the end of the video, another adult, identified as assistant professor of mass media Melissa Click, tells another reporter, “You need to get out,” before asking other protesters for help (Fox News). More (Breitbart).   What led to the protest (CNN). A look at the power of the football team involvement (Townhall). Meanwhile, more on the insanity at Yale (PJ Media, the Atlantic).