Hewitt: The Stakes Could Not Be Higher

The contest for the GOP presidential nomination is now a four-plus-one race. Dr. Carson is the plus one, a man without a path to the nomination but with a powerful message.

Each of the remaining four can beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but only if they hang together after a winner emerges.

If the GOP not only unites but rallies around the nominee, the Supreme Court vacancy created by the tragic loss of Justice Antonin Scalia will be filled by an originalist.

The stakes could not be higher. If the former secretary of state names the next Supreme Court justice, the “living Constitution” theorists will have triumphed. And not just for the proverbial “next generation.” There will be no return from the land of a left-far left five member majority on the court.

So whoever carries the day—Cruz, Kasich, Rubio or Trump (or even Dr. Carson in some scenario I cannot yet foresee)—the GOP must rally to their banner or forever forfeit the right to proclaim their upset with any or all Supreme Court decisions.

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