Rubio and Cruz Target Trump, Trump Goes After Hewitt

Trump’s rude attack of Hewitt seemed to come out of nowhere (Townhall) especially considering how many times Trump has been on Hugh’s show. Trump proved to be remarkably immature across the board (Fox News).  Rubio had his opposition research ready for Trump (The Hill).  After the debate Ted Cruz said “Marco is not my enemy, Marco and I are friends. Marco and I would both make a much better candidate and a much better president than would Donald” (The Hill).  Guy Benson gives Rubio the win (Townhall) as did Frank Luntz (Youtube).  But will it matter? (Weekly Standard).  Takeaways (USA Today, ABC News).  Camp Rubio is talking about a brokered convention (CNN).  Trump did not do well in the fact check (CNN).  Kimberly Strassel points out “The Nevada entrance polls show the billionaire won voters who are angry with the federal government, who want an “outsider” in the office and who want “change.” They don’t care about policies. They want someone to “stick it to the man.”  And therein lies Mr. Trump’s vulnerability. Because, you see, Donald Trump is the man. An outsider to the elite society that Washington inhabits? An avenging angel of a faltering working class? Laugh. Out. Loud. This is the man who was born to a silver spoon, who self-selected a life strictly in the company of the rich and powerful, and who built a fortune by using his connections and sticking it to the little guy” (WSJ).  Lots and lots of audio (SONNetwork).