Trump Retweets Neo-Nazi

A user with the account name “WhiteGenocideTM” (The Hill).  And this isn’t the first time (Politico).  It has since been deleted from his Twitter feed (Twitter).  From Russell Moore:  The greatest generation chose leaders who routed the Nazis. This generation chooses leaders who retweet Nazis. That’s not progress (Facebook).  More on the problem that is Trump (Washington Post).  Trump said “Common Core, we are gonna keep” then backed off in a tweet (Red State).  Cruz is going after Trump in his fundraising emails (The Pulse).  They are going after each other in their television ads (Breitbart). Why Cruz could be in great shape (Washington Post). Meanwhile, Kasich remains a moderate (Fox News) and even seemed to declare himself in the middle of Clinton and Sanders (The Week).  Trey Gowdy is working to get Rubio back on top (Breitbart).  Now there’s talk Rubio could benefit from a brokered convention (Townhall).