Mohler: The Accidental Draft Vote

Last week, the House Armed Services Committee voted to register women for the draft. What is particularly notable is that the vote was—at least in part—accidental.

Why accidental? Because the author of the bill, Representative Duncan Hunter, Republican of California, offered the suggestion in an effort to try to get the committee to do the exact opposite. Instead, the committee (dominated by Republicans) voted 32 to 30 to require women to register for the draft.

Once again, we see how fast the velocity of moral change is happening in America. Congressman Hunter himself underestimated the velocity of the moral change even when it came to his own committee, dominated by his own party in the United States House of Representatives.

Successive generations of feminist ideology and political correctness have rendered some members of Congress incapable of recognizing or having the courage to stand by an argument that in some sense men and women are different, and that it is morally wrong to obligate women to serve in combat positions or to be registered for the draft.

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