Mohler: Crisis In The GOP

This election cycle has unveiled a number of shocking developments in the Republican Party.

Republicans have long had a reputation for standing for limited government and a certain set of principles that were understood to be consistent with the Framers of the American Republic.

In a very real sense, Donald Trump represents virtually everything the Republican Party for the last generation has defined itself as being against. This tells us that as we are watching a crisis in the GOP. We’re also watching a basic renegotiation of the American compact.

This raises a very fundamental question: Can America’s experiment in representative democracy and limited government sustain this? That is not at all clear.

The fact is that Donald Trump is almost certainly going to become the standard bearer of the Republican Party: A man who has held positions even recently that are directly opposed to those historically undertaken by the Republican Party, a man whose very persona is the exact repudiation of what Republicans have called for in a presidential candidate.

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