Mohler: So Much for the End of Imperialism

President Obama has long been understood by his biography and by his approach to foreign policy to oppose the lingering aspects of empire, of imperialism.

How do we then explain how the President acts as if America is an imperial power ordering the world to follow our imperial edicts when it comes to this sexual and moral revolution?

For example, the people of the Dominican Republic have complained about the fact that the President sent an openly gay ambassador with his husband to that predominantly Catholic nation.

We see a similar dynamic in Asia, revealed in a recent headline from the New York Times: “U.S. Diplomat’s Same-Sex Marriage Causes Stir in China.”

All of this, we need to note, is of a piece. It is all consistent with how the Obama administration has declared the fact that it will make LGBT issues a centerpiece of American foreign policy.

That means that the United States is using its considerable power in order to further the LGBT revolution all over the world.

So much for the end of imperialism.