Mohler: Did Jesus Have A Wife?

Did Jesus have a wife?

If you were to believe the publishing arm of the Smithsonian Institution, you would be led to believe that such a position was at least viable based on contemporary scholarship. Until last week, that is.

We were told back in 2012 that the entire theological world had changed when Karen King of the Harvard Divinity School published her findings about an ancient papyrus manuscript fragment written in Coptic that had been found indicating that Jesus might have had a wife. The problem: The scrap was a forgery.

Writing in the Atlantic last week, Ariel Sabar, using investigative techniques that should’ve been available to just about anyone in the world of scholarship way back in 2012 traced the document to a man who, in all likelihood, had actually been the forger.

The man was located in Florida where it turns out the man was a major pornographer. It confirms what I wrote back in 2012 when the story emerged: This is actually sensationalism masquerading as scholarship.

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