Polls Show Trump Closing

Hold on to your hat.  The forgone conclusion isn’t so forgone after all.  All of a sudden, the gap narrows to three nationally, according to one poll (Fox News).  One poll shows Trump back on top in Florida (NY Post) while another has him down three but closing (News Channel 10).  Hillary’s lead in New Hampshire has been sliced in half (CNN).  Another has Trump leading in Ohio (Townhall).  And look out, a poll has Trump within three in Pennsylvania (RCP).  The RCP average has Hillary still up 5.4 (RCP).  Senator Rand Paul claims polls showing Clinton ahead are “designed to suppress turnout” (CNN).  Gallup shows a bit of a Trump rebound (Hot Air).  Could Obamacare be having an impact? (CNN).  And on a completely different political note:  if you haven’t yet seen this ad for commissioner Gerald Dougherty, you need to (Digg).