FBI Finds New Emails Connected to Clinton Email Server

As suspected, they weren’t all turned in (Townhall).  We now know, via WikiLeaks, the Clinton camp knew they weren’t turning over all the emails (Gateway Pundit).  From September, Sharyl Attkisson provides a detailed timeline and understanding of the email situation (Sharyl Attkisson).   A look at the depth and details of the Clinton Foundation corruption (Townhall).  From Senator Tom Cotton: … the Clinton Foundation may be the world’s largest money laundering and influence-peddling operation (Gateway Pundit).  From Kimberly Strassel:  The most obnoxious spin of the 2016 campaign came this week, as Democrats, their media allies and even President Obama accused the FBI of stacking the election. It’s an extraordinary claim, coming as it does from the same crew that has—we now know—been stacking the election all along in the corridors of the Justice Department (WSJ).