Polls: Trump Continues to Gain

As of early this morning, Hillary’s lead in the poll average is down to 1.7 (RCP).  A CNN poll has Trump up in a couple battleground states, within the margin of error in others, including Pennsylvania (ABC News).  Monmouth has Hillary up in the battleground states, but not as much as before (CBS News).  Quinnipiac has things very tight in the swing states, with Trump up 5 in Ohio (CNBC).  Hillary’s double-digit lead in Virginia has turned into a Trump 3-point lead (Washington Times).  That’s 14 electoral votes almost all maps have firmly in Hillary’s corner. Early voting in Ohio was huge for Obama, not so much for Hillary (WCBE).  A Michigan poll has Hillary’s lead down to 3 (Fox Detroit).  You’d have to go back to 1988 for the last time a Republican took the state. A poll out of Colorado has the two tied (CNN).  Details (Document Cloud).  A look at the North Carolina numbers that show Trump rising (The Pulse).  Remember that talk of Hillary challenging Trump for Texas?  Forget it (CBS Dallas).