Thornbury: An Opportunity For Innovation

The other day—here in Manhattan—leaders from Silicon Valley paid a call to President-elect at Trump Tower. With the notable exception of Peter Thiel, it was a group that had been roundly critical of Mr. Trump. But all of a sudden leaders from Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook were all making nice. Why?

Isn’t it obvious? Trump’s good for business. He has routinely decried the fact that the corporate tax rate for the United States is among the highest in the world – exceeded only by the United Arab Emirates. It’s one of the reasons Apple has moved so much of its operations to places like Asia and Ireland.

In the midst of the anti-business Obama years, Trump told Silicon Valley innovators something very powerful: you may not be behind me, but my administration will be behind you.

Said Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: “this could be the innovations administration.”