Thornbury: A Pragmatic Pick

The nomination former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State by President Elect Donald Trump caught most political observers off-guard. Some expressed “serious concerns” about the pick, citing Tillerson’s past business ties to Vladimir Putin. Others severely criticized the ex-CEO’s record on abortion and LGBT advocacy issues. There’s so much controversy that he might not be confirmed.

So what should we make of this choice? Call it the Trump mindset. Look at his cabinet choices: not many lawyers, bureaucrats, or politicians. The President Elect is less concerned by what people think than what they’ve built.

He’s profoundly anti-ideological. He’s interested in America getting the best “deal” abroad. He thinks that’s what the American people voted for.

Despite all of the criticisms — Trump thinks people voted for him to find “doers” and the political class has failed to convince him they’re up to the job.