Albert Mohler: That “Flickering” on the Ultrasound Screen

Last week, writing at The Atlantic, Moira Weigel asserted that ultrasound technology has been used by pro-life politicians to deceptively suggest that the fetus is a person.

Weigel even suggests that a baby’s heartbeat visible on an ultrasound is not really a heartbeat at all, but merely “a flickering that takes place between 120 and 160 times per minute on a black-and-white playback screen.”

Sean Davis, of The Federalist, rightly responds, “Like most treatises from abortion activists about how babies aren’t real people, Weigel’s comes across more as a sad attempt to convince herself than a credible attempt to convince her readers. No amount of euphemisms can obscure the truth that unborn babies are alive, that their hearts beat just as ours do, and that the abortion industry is dead set on killing as many of them as possible.”

What we face—as I’ve said before—is a war of worldviews.

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