Dan Proft: Deadly Leftist Xenophobia

There is a Christian genocide occurring in Iraq and Syria. But the Left is preventing America from providing asylum for the religiously persecuted. ISIS targets both the Shia and Sunni Muslims who refuse to join its terrorist ranks. But the Left is preventing America from providing a safe haven to peaceful pluralist Muslims and giving preferential status to those Christian populations fleeing genocide.

As Flannery O’Connor observed, the Left governs by tenderness which is to say without restraint.

This was on display with the Left’s “Day Without Immigrants” protest—where no distinction was made between the more than 100,000 criminal illegal aliens released by ICE in 2013 alone — including 193 convicted murders and 426 convicted sex offenders — and children brought here illegally by their parents.

No distinction was made between people who are in America legally and people who are not.

Leftist xenophobia, the irrational fear of distinguishing between people who come in peace and predators, is killing both people and the promise of America the world over.

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