Hewitt: Gorsuch Exceedingly Qualified

As a conservative who had questions about Donald Trump, I am very happy that I voted for him and campaigned for him during the summer. The President’s first two weeks have been about keeping campaign promises.

Judge Neil Gorsuch is an exceedingly qualified Supreme Court nominee, at least as well qualified as any other conservative in America.

I applaud President Trump for encouraging the Senate to invoke the Reid rule and lower the confirmation threshold from 60 to 51 votes, rolling right over a filibuster from the Democrats should they choose to bring one.

There are 103 vacancies on the federal courts right now. Judge Gorsuch is the most important battle, but Republicans must ensure that good, originalist judges who will apply the Constitution as it was written are confirmed across the board.

The American people want a judiciary that umpires the game and doesn’t decide the game. They voted for this Supreme Court justice and for President Trump to make these picks.

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