Michael Medved: Whatever Happened to “The Party of the Little Guy”?

Democrats have always identified themselves as “the party of the little guy,” but in 2016 they lost tens-of-millions of aggrieved, out-of-luck voters to a boisterous billionaire named Donald Trump. Why? Because of the party’s self-destructive obsession with race and gender. The real dividing line between families that are forging ahead and those who are falling behind is based more on economics and education, rather than race and gender.

A white, male high school dropout in Appalachia is hardly privileged, while a black woman like Michelle Obama, with degrees from Princeton and Harvard, is hardly oppressed. Trump won white males without college degrees by a 3-1 margin and he even won non-college white women by nearly two-to one.

It’s dangerous to talk about “white male privilege” when the lived experience of so many white males hardly feels privileged. In fact, many working-class whites feel gypped and expect a better deal from President Trump.

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