Schumer: Gorsuch Will Need 60 Votes

He called it “the right thing to do” (The Hill).  A look at notable cases under Gorsuch (National Review).  From Bill Donahue:  He has a towering intellectual reputation, having studied at Columbia, Harvard, and Oxford. He is not an ideologue bent on affirming his politics in law. He is a judge who understands the dangers that assisted suicide and euthanasia pose to the most vulnerable members of society. He is a man who values religious liberty, holding that conscience rights are paramount (Catholic League).  From a Newsweek lefty:  Federal Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, must not be confirmed. Democrats must fight it to the bitter end. The preservation of the final, tattered remains of American constitutional government demands it.  This has nothing to do with Gorsuch as a nominee. On first assessment, there is no doubt he is eminently qualified, perhaps more so than several other sitting justices were at the time of their nomination (Newsweek).  His selection has Planned Parenthood in a panic (Life News). McConnell and Grassley assured Hugh Hewitt Gorsuch will make it through the process (Hugh Hewitt).