Dangerous Precedent Set in Targeting Those Who Exposed Planned Parenthood

From the story: To say that this is outrageous is an understatement. To many pro-life conservatives, this is rather like if a journalist posed as a drug dealer to expose a drug kingpin, and the result was an indictment for the journalist and the kingpin getting off scot-free (The Week). From David French: It’s becoming increasingly clear that in the state of California, the right to abort a child is the chief liberty in the land, and all other liberties must bow before it. Few things illustrate this sad and morbid truth more than the decision of the California attorney general to prosecute (or, more accurately, persecute) David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt (National Review).  The truth within those videos (National Review). While most of the media is ignoring this story, Mother Jones, of all outlets, is defending Daleiden and Merritt (Mother Jones). Meanwhile, another story notes “A federal judge in San Francisco first filed the injunction against the Center for Medical Progress after determining the investigators had obtained information from the National Abortion Federation through fraud” (Townhall).