Greg Thornbury: Erosion Of Free Speech on Campus

When social scientist Charles Murray spoke recently at Middlebury College, a crowd of unruly and angry students roared in protest until he was forced to flee the stage. They were protesting a more than 20 year old book called the “Bell Curve” which included statistics on IQ and racial and ethnic groups.

Murray has thus been labeled a White Nationalist by progressivists, a characterization that in no way fits one of today’s leading sociologists.

Murray retreated to an offstage room with a college professor Allison Stanger for a video chat, Middlebury student agitators started pounding on the walls.

Next, when they tried to leave the building, they were met by a mob blocking their exit, some of whom were wearing ski masks. Professor Stanger was grabbed by the hair, sustaining injuries to her neck.

Up to this point, no one has been held accountable for the assault. Apparently, violence is now an acceptable form of protest on liberal college campuses.

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