Media Help Tear Down AHCA

From Ari Fleisher: Why are some press saying Ryan is trying to “ram” health bill through the House? It’s going through 4 committees. Worst “ram” I’ve ever seen (Twitter).  Some are offering an amendment to the current plan “focused on repealing Obamacare and bringing down the cost of premiums” (Washington Examiner). Hugh Hewitt explains “With some outside-the-box thinking, some dealmaking and a little humility, the AHCA can be saved” (Washington Post). Galen Institute president Grace-Marie Turner explains why Rand Paul’s version is worse than Obamacare (Forbes).  From Kimberly Strassel: From the moment Speaker Paul Ryan unveiled his ObamaCare repeal-and-replace bill, the media have declared it a doomed project. The newspapers have run out of synonyms for division, disunity, discord, conflict, struggle, mess. Since the only thing the media enjoy more than bashing Republicans is helping Republicans bash each other, the cable stations have offered a nonstop loop of a handful of GOP naysayers and grandstanders (cue Rand Paul ) who wish the bill ill (WSJ). Charles Krauthammer looks at the mess Democrats have created (National Review).