Media Push Obamacare with Cluster of Stories

Including one that claims repeal and replace will hurt sports.  But when you read the story, it’s just a Democrat with an Obamacare talking point:  “If I had a child, and I was not fully insured, that child would not be playing any sport at all because I’d be way too worried about injury,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) told SB Nation. “And once that injury is there, if they were to repeal the ACA, that would be a pre-existing condition. That could affect that child for the rest of their life if they couldn’t get the care they needed” (SB Nation). ABC News made a story out of one woman who voted for Trump but doesn’t like the new bill (ABC News).  And CNN has found a Republican cancer survivor who “has had a change of heart on Obamacare” (CNN).