Owen Strachan: “Generosity And Respect” From Princeton

Princeton seminary recently announced it would honor Manhattan Pastor Tim Keller for his spiritual leadership. But that announcement from the seminary drew furious criticism from their community of faculty and alumni who long ago left conservative Christian faith.

Keller’s commitment to the Bible’s very clear teaching on marriage, the sexes and human sexuality rendered his views “toxic” as one commenter said. Princeton seminary president Craig Barnes bowed to the pressure.

He announced Keller that would not receive his award after all. Barnes also noted without irony that Princeton grants generosity and respect to those of different convictions.

If the shameful treatment of Keller signals “generosity and respect,” we would fear to see what censure and hatred looks like.

You don’t have to be a theological hair-splitter to see that this rhetoric falls on its face.

Those who promote tolerance stifle it.

And those who call for charitable dialogue squelch it.

There’s a lesson to be learned when a Presbyterian seminary cannot honor the most prominent Presbyterian minister of our time.

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