Owen Strachan: A Reasonable Step in the Right Direction

The decision of the Trump administration to overturn President Obama’s “transgender bathroom policy” and instead to correlate bathroom usage with one’s biological sex is not a victory for any political group. It is a victory for common sense. It is an affirmation of basic human sanity.

There are many celebrities speaking up about this decision—presenting the decision by the Trump White House as a violation of “transgender rights.” Though this rhetoric sounds fearsome, the decision is a reasonable step in the right direction.

We should offer compassionate help to people who experience gender dysphoria. We should not, however, change public laws or require schools to overhaul their restroom structure (as the Obama administration did). This, in point of fact, is compassionate. It protects little boys and girls from tremendous and damaging confusion that occurs when a child of the opposite-sex enters their bathroom. Children of different sexes should not share bathrooms, and they certainly should not have the federal government telling them they must do so.

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