Rove: GOP Must Pass This AHCA Bill

From Karl Rove:  Yes, passing the bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare will cause political problems—but not doing so will create far bigger ones. Failure would demonstrate that Republicans don’t keep their promises and can’t govern. It would gravely wound the new administration (WSJ).  From Daniel Henninger: …if health-care reform fails under media-driven Beltway pressure, the same timid people will next block the historic tax-reform bill with the same tactics. They will peck it to death with misgivings. Political courage used to have a postelection shelf life of about 12 months. Now it has the life cycle of a moth.  He concludes: If this bill fails, there is only one Plan B. It will be a single-payer system enacted after 2020 with votes from what’s left of the Republican party after—Donald Trump is right about this—they get wiped out in 2018 and lose the presidency two years later. After blowing it on ObamaCare, why would anyone vote for them again? (WSJ).  Democrats, meanwhile, aren’t offering any alternatives (Townhall).