Police Show Up Big in Berkeley

After Coulter was forced to cancel (Fox News).  From Charles Krauthammer: “If you can’t have the government guaranteeing the safety of speakers then we have lost one of the fundamental uniting elements of our society” (Fox News). A detailed look at the cause behind the attack on free speech on campus (Newseum Institute). ABC News doesn’t quite get it as they explained “Conservatives are worried that right-wing speakers aren’t given equal treatment as liberal campus presenters and some students have complained about free expression fanning racial tensions” (ABC News).  From Todd Starnes: The birthplace of the so-called free speech movement is now the epicenter of a nefarious movement to silence freedom-loving young people (Townhall). From Dr. Everett Piper:  I am writing to implore Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks — and all other leaders of America’s educational community — to remember our industry’s rich history of the liberal arts. I am writing to plead with my colleagues to stand firm for the academy’s millennia-old commitment to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of thought. I am writing on behalf of liberty. I am writing because I believe in classical liberalism. I am writing because I believe in human freedom. I am writing because I believe in truth (Christian Post). From Rich Lowry: …the budding fascism that progressives feared in the Trump years is upon us, although not in the form they expected. It is represented by the black-clad shock troops of the “antifa” movement who are violent and intolerant, and easily could be mistaken for the street fighters of the extreme Right in 1930s Europe. That they call themselves anti-fascist speaks to a colossal lack of self-awareness (National Review). Mike Adams explains how his “hate speech” is making North Carolina safer (Townhall). A look at the history of free speech (Townhall).