Albert Mohler: A New Rule Respecting Conscience

A long-awaited announcement from the Trump administration was released last week: namely, the reversal of the Obamacare contraception mandate, the mandate that required all employers, even religious employers, to pay for contraception methods, including abortion-inducing drugs.

The latest from President Trump’s Office of Management and Budget only deals with explicitly religious employers. The vast majority of employers will still be under the Obamacare contraception mandate.

What we see here is the inevitable collision between sexual liberty and America’s first freedom, religious liberty. There are those who are so absolutely committed to sexual liberty that they are quite willing to violate the religious liberties of others.

As we have known now for a number of years, we don’t have to look out there into the future and argue just how long it will be before we see that collision between sexual liberty and religious liberty. It’s already happened. That collision is a story that’s already here.

The new rule from the Trump administration ought to be applauded.

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