The Budget Battle and the Fight to Strengthen our Armed Forces

Townhall Review — January 13, 2018

Hugh Hewitt invites Michael Oren to analyze the recent uprising in Iran in the wider context of US foreign policy to Iran. Host Mike Gallagher and Congressman Mike Gallagher delve into the subject of present US military preparedness and the fight to strengthen our Armed Forces. Mike Gallagher then asks Rona McDaniel a variety of questions on the current hot issues in Washington, DC. Hugh Hewitt brings James Hohman from the Washington Post to dissect the merits of Michael Wolff’s controversial new book on President Trump. Michael Medved looks at the White House DACA meeting between Republicans and Democrats, chaired by President Trump. Dennis Prager poses insightful historical questions to Victor Sebestyen, author of a new book on Lenin. Finally, Dennis Prager analyzes the potentially explosive tension between California and the rest of America, as the Golden State pursues extremely liberal policies that indirectly punish other states.