Hugh Hewitt: Amazon Should Dump the Southern Poverty Law Center

ADF—the Alliance Defending Freedom—has become the new ACLU in my view. They’re now the go-to organization to protecting, preserving and promoting First Amendment freedoms across the United States.

I’ve partnered with ADF for over a decade now. That’s why I was disturbed to learn that they have been removed from Amazon’s Smile program. That Smile program allows you to designate a charity of your choice to benefit from a small portion of your purchases on Amazon.

ADF—see them online at—is donor supported, so they could very much benefit from that income stream.

So why were they disqualified? Amazon has been leaning on the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center to determine who is and is not eligible for the Smile program. The SPLC has become little more than a fringe group of the left, though. It is not to be trusted.

It’s the SPLC that should be dumped.

Amazon should shift course—and shift course today.