Owen Strachan: Modern Men Are in Trouble

Modern men are in trouble.

Just saying that sentence is a great way to get a reaction today. Some people scoff; others nod their head in sadness.

In our soft, fuzzy, gender-neutral age, the psychologist Jordan Peterson has dared to raise this matter in public. In a recent New York Times profile, his interviewer laughed at him for suggesting that men are failing today.

But look all around us: 97 percent of mass shooters are men. Men are leaving their families in record numbers. Men have dropped out of the workforce. And for every six college degrees earned by women, men earn four.

No: We don’t need to see the sexes as competing. We want men and women to flourish. But we can’t miss this: modern men are in trouble.

They need help.

It’s a spiritual issue. It’s a cultural issue—and solutions aren’t simple.

But we need more voices admitting that we’ve got a problem.