Hugh Hewitt: It’s the Judges

Someday, conservative critics of President Trump will have to reconcile their vehement opposition to him with their love of the Constitution. The latter is most definitely benefiting from the president’s massive impact on the federal bench.

The Supreme Court, though by far the most important court, still reviews only 80 or so appeals court decisions per year, compared to the tens of thousands of case participations completed by the Federal Appeals Court judges.

The president and the GOP-controlled Senate have already put one-eighth of the federal appeals bench in their seats. Each of those new appointees— all principled “originalists” in the mold of the late Justice Scalia—will have more than 400 participations in 2018 alone. Critics from the #NeverTrump crowd need to balance their criticism with this remarkable record of repair of the bench.

Looking forward, I’ll bend that famous Carville phrase a bit: “It’s the judges, brilliant people.”

It’s the judges.