Owen Strachan: A Cultural Battle for the Restroom

If you were to ask—just a few short years ago—the site of our hottest cultural disagreement, who’d have guessed it would be the restroom?

It’s true. In recent years, Western society has faced a major push to overhaul our understanding of the sexes. We’re told our categories of “man” and “woman” are unfair … too binary. In deference to those struggling with gender identity, we’re urged to re-envision society from the ground up—or should I say, the bathroom floor up.

But this new secular orthodoxy is getting some serious pushback. Recently, The Economist ran an editorial by a “transsexual” person who said this: “Biological sex is real and is the very foundation of our species.” Author Kristina Harrison argues that denying this reality will set women and children up for exploitation.

The author is right.

There’s a better way forward that is compassionate but recognizes that we really have been created male and female.