Hugh Hewitt: An Existential Crisis for the Catholic Church

The scathing report of decades of disgusting crimes and cover-up from the Catholic Church hierarchy has come to light because of the Pennsylvania Attorney General. The shocking report—coming as it does after at least two previous efforts at coming clean and reform that neither came clean nor reformed—has left tens of millions of Americans Catholics shell shocked.

They simply don’t know who or what to believe.

Pope Francis made a terrible situation even worse by issuing what could only be labeled the “same old same old” by a pope who has proven stubbornly deaf and often appeared indifferent to the sexual abuse of minors across all continents and going as high as the College of Cardinals.

It’s a moment of what intellectuals call “existential crisis” for the Church. It will never vanish, but church membership and finances could well collapse. Pope Francis seems wholly unaware of this urgent threat.