Hugh Hewitt: Colorado Missing the Message From the Supreme Court

In June of this year—many of you listeners will remember—the cakemaker Jack Phillips from Denver, Colorado won his case before the Supreme Court.

The justices found Colorado had sent, “a signal of official disapproval of Phillips’ religious beliefs.” And the court disapproved.

That was a decisive victory for Jack and a big win for the First Amendment.

But Colorado doesn’t seem to have received the message: The Civil Rights Commission continues their efforts to go after Jack.

Jack Phillips is now back in court. This Civil Rights Commission in Denver—along with others across the country—has gone rogue.

Fighting on behalf of Jack is ADF—the Alliance Defending Freedom.

They’re a sponsor you’ve heard about from us before—and they are the best in this First-Amendment-defense business.

Jack Phillips is a contemporary American hero. We wish him a clear and swift victory.