Albert Mohler on Kavanaugh Allegations: When the Truth No Longer Matters

Many of you have been tracking with the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the president’s nominee to the Supreme court.

A number of voices have said—some even explicitly—that Judge Kavanaugh should step aside even if the allegations are not true, if these events just plausibly could have happened.

If—as a society—we begin to accept that it really doesn’t matter if an allegation is truthful, then we are just going to destroy one another with claim and counterclaim in which the only issue is the effect of the claim, not the truth of the claim.

In fact: Everything does hinge—or should hinge, anyway—on whether or not something did or didn’t happen.

A society that gives up on the objectivity and the knowability of truth and the mandate of truth is a society bent on moral and intellectual suicide.