Dan Proft: Democrats Clarify Their Sense of Justice

Something emerged from the recent Kavanaugh hearings which makes conservatives grateful. The conduct of the Democrats added clarity to voters.

For example: We now know the Left’s definition of “being mean.” It’s not mean to berate conservatives in restaurants, in front of elevators and in other public places. And it’s not mean to call a conservative judge a rapist without basis and to lampoon his pre-adolescent child in a political cartoon.

On the other hand, it is very mean to have questions about the credibility of a woman who has made a charge without corroboration.

We now also know the Left’s definition of justice: A conservative, male judge may not defend himself against unprovable allegations that will ruin his career, family and reputation.

And: Only liberal justices may make partisan statements and maintain their impartiality.


Americans have been given an eye-opener as the November 6th election approaches.