Hugh Hewitt: The Court, the Culture and the Meaning of Sex

Back in 1964 Congress passed and LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act.

It was landmark legislation. It hastened the end of dark era of our nation’s history and secured equal access for blacks and women to public facilities and any place of public accommodation.

Title VII of that Act prohibited employment discrimination on the basis of, “race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.”

In our contemporary politics, there’s an effort to redefine and re-load what that word “sex” means. Is it something objective?—grounded in biological realties? Or is it simply what an individual says it is?

ADF—the Alliance Defending Freedom—is fighting a case in Michigan that could soon be before the nation’s highest court based on exactly this: Can we take away an objective grounds of “sex”—“male” and “female”—without an act of Congress?

The stakes in the law and in the culture couldn’t be higher.