Albert Mohler: The Pope and the Crisis of Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse

With all eyes on the Vatican, the meeting on Catholic clergy sex abuse ended with no concrete policy developments. As The New York Times reports, “For all the vivid language and the vow to combat this evil that strikes at the very heart of our mission, the Pope’s speech was short on the sort of detailed battle plan demanded by many Catholics around the world.”

So: The really surprising development in all this was the lack of any development in concrete policies. Nicholas Cafardi, a prominent canon lawyer in the United States said, “The Pope is the sole legislator, so he could make this change wherever he wants. Zero tolerance … should be universal law. And the Holy Father can do it himself.”

But attendees did not even hear the term “zero tolerance” from the Pope.

The Pope fails to understand the gravity of the charges that had been made for decades against the Roman Catholic Church.