Hugh Hewitt: As the Public Impeachment Proceedings Begin

As the House gets started with public hearings on impeachment, we should start thinking of how this partisan impeachment will play out if it reaches the Senate.

I’ve been leaning on the insight of Kelly Johnston—a former secretary of the Senate.

He says a critical moment will arise as soon as any “Articles” arrive in the Senate, but before any substantive proceedings occur.  Under rules, the Senate must approve a “Motion to Proceed” to consider the articles.

At the first sign of objection from a Senator, McConnell should move to shut the whole thing down, saying, effectively:

“This far and no farther. We will not put our nation at risk of a future littered with these sort of vendettas dressed in the garb of impeachment. We won’t ever approve a purely partisan Article of Impeachment for trial.”

And the thus the Senate would flush these articles of impeachment from the record as it stands today.