Owen Strachan: The Timelessness of CS Lewis

What do you get when you take a mysterious house, a talking lion, and an English professor?

You get magic.

You get a gateway to an enchanted land.

You get the Chronicles of Narnia.

56 years ago, Cambridge University professor CS Lewis died.
When he died, the world lost one of the two literary figures who had created a new wave of compelling fantasy. Both Narnia and the Lord of the Rings trilogy represented genuinely terrific fiction that functioned as a spiritual lens by which to see BOTH the world before us and the world beyond us.

And now—nearly 60 years later—appreciation for the work of Lewis and Tolkien shows no signs of abating. Even as children experience increasingly secular education in the West, many young minds are awakened and stirred by the possibility of hope beyond the horizon.

All thanks to a mysterious house, a talking lion, and an English professor.